• Ebony L. Robinson

A Time for Everything

When I was a little girl I was infatuated with time. I always wanted a watch on even though I couldn’t read it. No microwave or oven was safe! Once I knew my numbers, I could tell the time with accuracy on a digital clock. Then when I knew how to tell the big clock on the wall with the arrows I was in business. My parents would ask where do I need to go since I had to be sure of the time. I would reply nowhere but I wanted to be aware of the time. As a child, time flows together – it’s of no concern. All of the days of the week become one big large day. The time and space to a child doesn't really mean anything.

But as adults our stories has changed. Have you ever noticed how much we complain about time? In certain situations, we desire more time whereas other situations the time can’t go fast enough. The verse Ecclesiastes 3:1 NKJV says, To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven - reminds us that every season of life is purposeful. You will face season of great difficulty and times of great jubilee. Seasons of demanding work and seasons of reaping the harvest. In every season God wants to teach something new about who He is and how great His love is toward us. Your attitude toward life changes when you learn to appreciate every season - good times and tough times - as opportunities to grow closer to God. As you learn to trust Him you are no longer worried about what’s coming next.

Each season – spring, summer, fall, and winter – has its purpose. In the spring, seeds take root and vegetation begins to grow. The weather is warmer, and often wetter. In the summer, temperatures may increase to their hottest of the year. In the fall, temperatures cool again. Plants may go dormant. Animals might prepare themselves for the upcoming cold weather, storing food or traveling to warmer regions. Winter often brings a chill. Some areas may experience snow or ice, while others see only cold rain. As much as a person may not like a particular season, without it the ecosystem would do haywire. What about you? What season are you in right now? You may be in your are in a planting and growing season. Maybe you are in your summer's uncomfortable. How about you are in your fall season...things in your life are dormant. Are you in your winter season? It feels like things are on ice. Regardless of your season it's all about God's perfect timing. Be encouraged that ALL things work together for the good - Yes - even the seasons that you are not too excited about. Take joy in God’s capacity that your seasons have purpose.

Look for God in every season of your life. He has a message for you.