• Ebony L. Robinson

Clean Heart

I am a mother of four and I drive a Nissan Quest. What is that you ask? It. Is. A. Minivan. Yes, I am the person I snickered at as a kid. But I am cool driving to the different places I need to go! Thank you very much. LOL! Oh, there is that one thing…my minivan is usually dirty. Well not usually - it is constantly. The outside is a mess but the inside is generally past embarrassing. I admit I have a problem. I can not be the only one. You can raise your hand if you are in the DVC – the Dirty Vehicle Club. With four children – we are always on the go – so the van becomes everything we need and it shows. When the van is dirty no one treats the vehicle with respect. We jump in and jump out. If something drops on the floor, its like whatever because it’s just next to the other thing that is on the floor. I can't be the only one. Come on now. But when the van gets cleaned, I get super excited. I will not let anyone come in the van with food, smudged fingers, shoes…well they can wear shoes. Ha! But there is something about a vehicle that is clean on the inside and outside that makes my heart leap. Picture your dream car - CLEAN, SHARP, SHINING. Now imagine your vehicle being your heart while the dirt and mess is the junk in your heart that has you not aligned with our Heavenly Father. Have you been there before? Maybe you are there right now. A dirty heart.

David wrote Psalm 51 when Nathan the prophet came to him after he had sinned with Bathsheba. David realized that he had sinned and most importantly sinned against God. This Psalm was written out of guilt and repentance with the desire to be forgiven. Have you done some things in your life that you knew or realized was wrong? That it was a sin against man and God? You sinned against your friend, colleague, family member, spouse, child, frenemy...

The question then becomes how do you move on? How do you get to a place of forgiveness and having a slate that is wiped clean? That process can be done in three steps:

First, you want to create a new heart. This is done by having a clear understanding that the current heart is rotten and you need a new heart that is pure and righteous.

Secondly, you want to renew your spirit. Life can beat you down and it is sometimes not that obvious that your spirit needs a charge, a jolt.

Lastly, you must restore the joy. Salvation is the security we have in Christ. It is the true foundation.

As much as you admire a new car, when it is dirty it is not that appealing. Once it is washed and detailed then a person can have a deep appreciation. There are times when you have to clean your heart so that it is cleared of the junk with the result of being available to be used by God. Are you ready to be used? Are you ready to lead the life God has called you to live? Are you ready? Clean. Your. Heart.

Desire a pure, clean heart so that you can be effective for the Kingdom of God.