• Ebony L. Robinson

God Redeems

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

I am a dictionary girl. I love words and I love to look up the definition, translation, etymology, synonyms, etc. Psalm 107:2 is a shouting verse. It says, Let the redeemed of the Lord say so

Whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy. But why do people raise their hands, shout to God, cry the ugly cry? Lets open up the dictionary on this. A couple definitions of redeem is to buy back or to make something that is bad better or more acceptable. Let that sink in for a quick moment... Have you done some things in your life that you wish you had the power to redeem yourself from? You wanted to bury your head in the sand because it wasn’t looking too good? Or maybe you got yourself caught up with someone or some things that you wanted to be brought back from? I can remember as a teenager being in situations that I wished that I could run away from. I can not be the only one? LOL. In all seriousness - The great news is that God has redemptive power and has the ability to redeem us from ourselves and from the hands of the enemy. Christopher Gardner’s story was told on the big screen by Will Smith in the critically acclaimed movie The Pursuit of Happyness. Chris was a salesman who fell on challenging times and became homeless with his young son. He had a chance encounter that landed him an unpaid internship along with others who were competing for the only paid position. Chris and his son experienced many obstacles but Chris stayed focus, was determined, and gave his best efforts at all times. In the end, he earned the position and became very successful. Even when things didn’t seem like it would be great Chris kept working and pushing. Even when his back was against the wall, sleeping in shelters, not knowing where his next meal could come from he kept going. I’m sure there were people in his life that turned their backs on him, talked about him, threw him under the bus but he never missed a beat. Chris recalled that it wasn’t by his might but by God’s. Be encouraged that even in this dark moment God has the power to buy you back. Even in this moment of flailing God has the ability to make you better. You can get down to the lowest of the lows but our loving Father can reach His mighty hand and pull you up and give you the Redemption stamp. When that happens there is nothing that anyone can do to deny the power of being redeemed.

Never give up because God redeems