• Ebony L. Robinson

In Session

Starting mid-August through after Labor Day we see many children and teenagers heading back to school – elementary, middle, and high. Parents and guardians are in the stores buying ALL THINGS SCHOOL. What do they need? Clothes, uniforms, shoes, backpacks, lunch bags, school supplies, locker decorations. Lots of barber shops, braids shops, and salons are booked with appointments servicing the youth as they intend to look their best for the first day of school. If you scroll on social media you see tons of cute kids holding up their signs letting us know what grade they are entering for the current school year. Then, also on social media, we see the hilarious memes of parents and guardians leaping for joy because school is back in session.

The summer time is time to play, have fun, go on vacation BUT some forget that school is coming back and the question remains will the students be ready. In our area, the kids are in school for about two weeks before they begin testing them. Yes, you read that right. Only two weeks and the kids are going through a battery of knowledge and comprehension tests. These tests are relevant because it helps the educator determine where on the grade spectrum the kids land. Should a child receive extra help, a manipulation of the teaching, etc. The baseline is set so that during the winter and spring the educator, parent/guardian, and child can eye the progress throughout the school year. An educator can probably tell you what child(ren) did any type of educational work over the summer based on those early tests.

A few years ago I got hipped to these books called Bridge Books. These books help a student maintain what they learned in the completed grade and prepare them for the upcoming school year. Hence the name – Bridge. It’s bridging them from one grade to the next. Our kids do it every summer – now they don’t get every page done and we miss days BUT the kids are somewhat keeping the habit of schoolwork and discipline.

How does this all relate to you and me? Let me tell you. When life is going great, all bills are paid, relationships are blossoming – no care in the world – it is easy to stop reading your Word, communing with God, fellowshipping with other believers, using your gifts. It’s the “summertime” in your life. We say to ourselves ‘I deserve a break”, “God knows my heart”, “I’ll pick Jesus back up once I _______”. But we forget that fall is coming – Proverbs 34:19a says, Many are the afflictions of the righteous…The Word tells us that the drama is real! I had to update that verse. LOL! The tests are coming and it will be known how well we “bridged” over our “summers”. Never stop praying (I Thessalonians 5:17), keep digging in the Word of God (II Timothy 2:15), fellowshipping with other believers (Hebrews 10:25) because the tests are coming and it is critical that you pass. Your successful completion of the tests determines if you graduate to the next level.

As a believer school is always in session, stick to the disciplines for consistent progression.