• Ebony L. Robinson

Knotted up?

I have three daughters which means I have three heads of hair to take care of and handle with care. Well, now two because the baby girl now has traditional locs (Thank you Lord!). But the girls have different textures of hair, so the care is different. But what I found is that when it was wash time and I towel dried their hair, the hair would be knotted up and tangled. Even though I would use a good detangler it seemed like there was still tangles, I wondered what else was I doing to cause it or what I shouldn’t be doing to prevent it. I ran across this article ( and discovered it to be super helpful. So, I am doing a better job to minimize the tangling by being intentional to follow those five tips in the article. The girls are appreciative, and they have a better hair experience. One day as I was going over the article again in preparation of doing the girls hair and I saw how this can apply to our lives.

Many times, we get knotted up in life. Life can get tangled. What can tangle us? Financial hardships, relationship drama, job troubles, school woes, self-sabotage, conflict… Situations can get us tangled and knotted up with the strong need to get detangled. Sometimes; however, we can exacerbate the problem by doing things that can cause more damage than good. Have you ever tried to get detangled, talked to someone about the tanglement, and it got worse? Why? Given that you talked to the wrong person. They were not qualified to speak into your life, and they provided unbiblical, unsound advice. A professional stylist will ask you what type of hair products you use because they are trying to determine if those products fair well with your hair. The same with us, we must be cautious of the products – people, places, and things – that we put in our lives as they can cause more damage and more tangles. Somebody ought to say Amen right there!

So, how do we get detangled?

1. Slow down

We move through life too fast. Everything is a rush. When we move at this fast pace – mistakes can happen, you can say things you shouldn’t say, you can do things you shouldn’t do. Personally, when I rush it seems to mostly end not well. Have you ever driven on the road and you see someone moving through traffic recklessly, on people’s bumpers because they are in a rush? But then you find yourself right next to them stopped at the stop light. That just cracks me up! Its like if they would’ve planned accordingly to get out of the house earlier (amongst other things) they may not be rushing.

2. Hydrate

With hair they say hydration is key. You want to get the hair as wet as possible which can help curb the tangles. We need to get hydrated with the Word of God. Our lives are dry and brittle because we do not have enough Word in us. Did you know that every cell, tissue, and organ in your body requires water to work properly? Why do you think a Doctor tells a person when they are ill to get lots of liquids in them? Because it builds the body. Keeping your mind and spirit hydrated with the Word “will provide valuable slip” when drama comes your way.

3. Use the right products

Products are key when taking care of your hair. You hear folks going through tons of products to find the right one that works well for them. For us, to help with the tangles we must find the right crew - the right products. We need to link up with the right people, sister-friend, homeboy, church, body of Believers that makes you better. We have to stop settling for friends that make you bitter but seek someone who make you better. It’s ok to assess a relationship to determine if it works for you. At the end of the day its about progress not digress.

We all face life situations that can cause us to be unsure and unclear but its imperative to be diligent on working through the knots.

Life can get you knotted up so be clear on your regimen to get detangled.