• Ebony L. Robinson

Revelation of the Chiropractor

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

My husband and I went to a dinner presentation that was sponsored by a Chiropractic office. For coming to the presentation, you were given a free voucher for a health assessment that included x-rays. The presentation was great, so I made the appointment. The appointment was 1 hour, and I came back in two days to receive my assessment. My core score was lower mainly because of my hip. Yup, my hip. I was a student athlete in college – I ran sprints for a Division I University. My senior year in college (2000-2001), my right hip would pop out of socket. It was so weird. The trainers would pop it back in place and I would go on my merry way. Later in life I noticed my hips were not symmetrical, but I wasn’t concerned because I was functional, and I didn’t have any major pain (put a pin here). Fast forward to 19 years later…its my hip. My left hip had overcompensated the right hip’s injury that it caused some misalignments going up my spine and particularly my neck which demonstrated bad range of motion. I was thinking – how can an injury that happened so long ago that was treated by professional, certified sports trainers still show on an x-ray and was the present cause of some issues? Some answers –

1. I may not have been in the best care. The sports trainer’s role (in my opinion) was to get me well enough to get back on the track. Not to get me whole but to be …well…enough.

2. Knowing this, I should have gotten a non-biased opinion. I should have used another resource – my insurance card – and went to someone who didn’t have any stake if I ran again

3. I had lived my life for so long with the unhealed injury that I didn’t notice the other issues that it was causing. I knew my range of motion was not that great, but I didn’t think that my hip was the root cause

How many of us has left a wound untreated? How often do we seek help from those who are not qualified to speak into our lives? How many times have we lived our lives thinking we are functioning but, we are dysfunctional? It's time to be intentional on getting x-rays, get the report and sit down with Dr. Jesus to get an understanding. How do we this? John 8:31-32 says, Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” We have to desire the truth. We ask God to show us ourselves….the deep details that can only be seen in intimate ways. The exposed truth will provide the freedom that is needed.

Stop living a life of dysfunction, untreated, and impairment. Go to Dr. Jesus, have Him expose misalignment and dysfunction so that He can provide the treatment plan that will allow you to live the life He has created you to live.