• Ebony L. Robinson


At one point in your life you have heard this phrase - Get your priorities together. Well, what does that mean? To get your priorities straight it means to focus one's attention, energy, or concern on that which is most and truly important, usually implying that one has not done so up to that point. Yes you may have heard this phrase and maybe it was you who didn't have your priorities in order. Focused on people, stuff - that in the grand scheme of things - didn't mean a whole lot. Ready to flip your world upside down all because your attention, energy, and concern was misplaced. I have been there before. What about you? Raise your's ok. Let's be honest, a person can easily get off track, lose the priority especially if there is so much on your plate. It's like trying to choose between steak and lobster if you are a surf and turf fan. How do you when they both are so good?

So how do we determine what should be the priority when we have a slew of tasks, assignments, people, situations to choose from? In Matthew 6:33 Jesus tells us to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be given unto you. There is your answer! I know you are asking but how is that practical? Lets talk about it. In our daily lives, it is so easy to lose focus on our service to the Lord and to get wrapped up in the material things and the cares of this world. His Kingdom should be priority. Well what is His Kingdom? It is His way of doing things – simply stated. There is a command to pursue and seek the Kingdom. More than having an awareness of that God is first and greater than other sources, we are commanded to seek His kingdom. We are commanded to do things the way He would do things. There was a popular bracelet that people used to wear on it were the initials WWJD. This reminded a person to ask themselves the questions – What Would Jesus Do – before they would act or react in situations. Our seeking is volitional and intentional. God does not force us to seek Him. The Bible says His spirit draws us (John 6:44), but He does not force us. We do not seek God by accident. Seeking is a deliberate choice to search for God with the eyes of your heart.

Here it is...when we seek God first with a heart of obedience, He will align our priorities. Seek God’s way of doing things and not get caught up on fleshly, surface things.

Be clear on your priorities, if it's not Christ, rearrange them.