• Ebony L. Robinson

Putting in Work

Have you heard the phrase – I am on my grind? You have seen multiple memes on social media with this phrase, forgone relationships because this is you right now, you have missed some things because you are on your grind. This phrase - I am on my grind - puts to mind an individual who is working very hard at something. They are working hard so that they can get ahead or make a comeback. We're always working at something or on something. Working hard to get in school, get a job, start a business, write a book, seal a deal, etc. Since work is a part of our lives it makes perfect sense that the Word of God provides clarity around it.

Colossians 3:23 says, And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men. Lets breaks it down - Whatever you do - so whatever the task, whatever the work, or whatever the relationship. It speaks to whatever that we do. What's your "whatever'? The scripture says - Work heartily. Whatever the work we do we are supposed to do it heartily. The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia defines heartily as "out of the soul". So, in essence, working with everything that you have. There should not be any slack or laziness but with active zeal. The verse continues and says As to the Lord and not to men. No matter the situation, we can find satisfaction with the work when God is the priority and focus. When we work for Christ there is an eternal reward. Realizing that we are serving the Lord Christ (v.24) should change our perspective of our work. When we’re working (whether at a job or relationship), we have the opportunity to serve others, which could show them the character of Jesus. There must be an epiphany that it is not about self but it is about Christ and how He is working through others to serve others.

Think about what you are doing...what work are you doing now? Are you doing it for the Lord or for men? Are you concerned about the shine or the Glory of God? How do you walk into the job that you wish you could get rid of today? Do you walk in wondering how you can serve God by serving others or do you watch the clock waiting to get off work? Do you give your work everything you have or do half-heartedly do the work?

It's fine to say that you are on your grind but to what end? For the Lord or for others? Lets be clear "the others" aren't really happy that you are on your grind anyway so stay focused on the purpose - Jesus Christ. When you understand the end you can take the journey.

Change your attitude about your work. Do it for Christ.