• Ebony L. Robinson

The Call to Courage

My husband and I have four children. Yes, you read it right four, beautiful, independent yet dependent, busy, loving children. The oldest and the youngest are five years apart! So from 2007-2013 I was either pregnant or birthing a baby. The Lord is gracious and hilarious. Ha! (Stay tuned for the blog post that will tell the testimony of how God will revive what you thought was dead).

Around the age of one – give or take some months those tender babies started to walk. It became their major, priority assignment until it was accomplished. It was quite scary for me to watch each child get up to their two feet and take steps. We had to go from babyproofing the house to baby-on-the-move proofing the house. Why you may ask was I nervous? Well, in a study of 130 toddlers (12 and 19 months old), the researchers found that the toddlers fell on average 17 times an hour. If they were new walkers, they fell an average of 69 times an hour. Wow! Can you imagine? Does this statistic make you want to go high five a toddler? I want to tell a toddler that they are THEE BEST. Seriously. But if they are falling that many times why do they keep getting up? Why even walk? Dr. Karen Adolph conducted research that was published in Psychological Science (Adolph et al., 2012) that pointed to the fact that children will adopt new strategies for executing something that is initially more difficult than their current strategy. Those toddlers are brave enough to move out of their current state – easy, comfortable, content, no drama, happy, relax, secure – and get to a place that is unknown, undetermined, unfamiliar, strange, foreign. They have an assignment to walk. Why? Being a crawler doesn’t have the benefits that a walker has. A walker has a better vantage point – they can see more than a crawler. Because a walker is on their two feet, their hands are free and they can access more things. The toddlers has a desire to move out of their comfort zone so they exhibit this “I aint never scared” attitude.

What about you? Nothing happens in our lives apart from being courageous. In Joshua 1:9, God gives Joshua a pep talk. In this pep talk He tells Joshua to be brave, courageous, and daring. God tells Joshua to be strong and of good courage and He gives Joshua the best reason why he can. Because of God’s presence Joshua does not have to be afraid or dismayed. This should be speaking to you. You have been given a hefty assignment and you are not sure how you are going to do it. Put yourself in the shoes of Joshua and receive this verse. God is with you. You are going to fall because the shift will be new for you but you can get back up. Don’t worry about the fall because your loving Father is there to pick you back up. Remember the vantage view of the crawler versus a walker? Change your view. Stop crawling for comfort but walk from courage. You have an assignment and it has to get done. Get ‘er done!

God desires courage so that you can complete your assignment