• Ebony L. Robinson

What's Your Appetite

I ran across a Facebook post about a month ago that expressed their disdain for this cookie. The manufacturer of the cookie touts that it has 10g of fiber, no dairy, no egg, no soy, no GMO, and it is vegan. Some of you may already be disgusted and you haven’t even tasted it. Ha! I had tasted this cookie and I posted in the comments section that I loved them. I got a laugh and a love emoji for my comment. Overall the comments were not favorable to this cookie without probably the majority having taken a bite of the cookie.

As I looked at the post and the comments what came to my mind is “What do you have a taste for?” I am vegan (full disclosure I have fell along the way) and I have found that my taste buds have changed. I really don’t have a taste for meat or dairy. I really don’t. I am not craving a medium well steak, five-cheese macaroni, a strawberry milkshake, a lamb chop, amongst other food items. If I do run across it somehow my taste buds are confused like what are we doing here. Because my body is not use to meat and dairy, if I do ingest it my body gives me the sad emoji. For an example, I didn’t have dairy for a while, and I was out and decided to chug down a milkshake. Why Lord did I do that? The next morning, I woke up with what seemed to be a sinuses issue and a backup (you understand, right?). But it was my body’s reaction to the mucus (research this) that gave the impression that I was experiencing cold symptoms. It was my body’s reaction to the dairy that resulted in my insides slowing down and not operating efficiently. All because I decided to put something in my body that my body was not use to. Lord have mercy!

Here it is…have we weened ourselves off junk, drama, gossip, negativity or do we continue to feed ourselves with that stuff? When you have officially weened yourself from things that are not of God you don’t have an appetite for it. When you see something on social media you don’t call your girlfriend to talk about that person, you write their name down in your prayer book and plead the blood over their lives. When someone calls you with mess you kindly cut them off and hang up the phone. You don't want to cuss someone out at your job because they have been not nice to you. Your spiritual taste buds will spit it out. When you are spiritually mature you won’t put junk in your system because you understand it will wreak havoc in your life and slow you down! Come on somebody!

My question to you (and me too) is what is your appetite? Psalm 34:8 says, Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! So, when we taste the Lord our appetites should change. It’s like tasting the best ________ (you fill in the blank). When you get the best, you don’t want the rest. My mother made THEE BEST peach cobbler hands down. I would put her peach cobbler against anyone's and watch my momma's come out victorious. My mother is with the Lord and I will NOT eat peach cobbler because it wont taste like hers. I don't care if you tell me that it is made by an award winning chef I wont eat it. Why? Because what I tasted knocked the socks off my taste buds and I don't have a desire for anyone else's. Let me bring this home...Check your spiritual appetite because what you are ingesting could be killing the destiny on your life.

If junk still runs smooth on your spiritual palate, then you must recheck the menu.