• Ebony L. Robinson

Your Steps are Ordered

My family and I live in the Midwest. The weather is turning which means FALL IS HERE. October brings pumpkin spice, brisk mornings, crockpots, hot chocolate, and the days get shorter. I must admit the fall foliage is a beauty to behold. The splendor of the leaves in the colors of red, orange, and yellow lends itself to the magnificence of the Creator of the Universe. Another big agenda item in the Midwest in the fall is to head to a farm to enjoy pumpkin patches, apple orchids, hayrides, and corn mazes.

On last week - Robinson party of six - headed to one of the area farms. We had a great time - eating, playing, buying candy from the general store, buying pumpkins, taking a hayride, and attempting the corn maze. Yes, attempting the corn maze! The hayride dropped us off right in front of the corn maze. The gentlemen gives us directions and says the maze is seven acres. That is approximately 6.34 football fields! Yup, I know what you are thinking. Why? LOL. It's close to 8pm which means it is dark. Yup, I know what you are thinking. Why? LOL. We decide to go ahead anyway. Yup, I know what.... you see the pattern. We are off into the abyss. We realized right away that our vision was obstructed because of the darkness. Yet, we keep walking. I am in the rear so I pull out my cell phone and turn on the flashlight. This is really of no help because I am in the back. All of a sudden I hear squishy noises and we all have stepped in mud. I immediately tell my family lets go back and they say we can keep going. I know what you are thinking. Why? LOL. My husband gives our older daughters his phone because they are leading the way. They turn on the flashlight which allows us to see our feet, watch for any danger, and we can pivot quickly if we come upon a barrier. We eventually decided to turn back around because it was just too dark and not as enjoyable if we were doing it in the sunlight. The girls led the way with the flashlight and we got out of the corn maze muddy yet learned lessons in hand.

What's our lesson...

Many of us are adamant about leading our lives even though the signs are there to stop, evaluate, and seek God for direction. We make decisions that doesn't make sense. Like me pulling out the flashlight and I was in the back of the line. No Sense! We seek advice from people who are in the same situation that we are in. All six of us are in the dark but WE decide to keep going. No Sense! Not taking note of the time. We saw it was dark yet we continued. No Sense! Once the girls in the front turned the flashlight on and communicated to the rest of the family what was along the path we could walk with confidence. In life, along our path there will be mazes, muddy puddles, high and lows but if we allow God to guide our footsteps we can miss the pitfalls and dangers. Psalm 119:105 says, Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. God desires to order our steps. Psalm 37:23 says, The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way. Be encouraged that God wants to see you prosper.

Stop walking into the mud and allow God to order your steps.